The 10 years of tragedy boat kiss Foram marked by productions on the subject and light on the stage of the case in Justice. Now, to actress Mafe Medeiros compartilhou uma vaquinha to help the Association of Families of Victims and Survivors of the Tragédia de Santa Maria (AVRSM).

The purpose of the arrecadação is to gather money to take the relatives of the victims to brasilia to collect new passes in the process. The Superior Court of Justice still does not appreciate the resources that question the annulment of which it was decided by jury in court.

Publicidade do parceiro Metropoles 1
Publicidade do parceiro Metropoles 2


In all, the cow’s goal is to collect R$ 200 thousand, which will be used for transportation, food and accommodation for 25 families in the capital. They must wake up to demand the appreciation of two resources.

“A search for justice continues. We cannot drop the sketch. There are 10 years without justice”, reinforces Mafê, who interpreted the imitation of one of the victims of the production of Netflix.

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