Big Brother It is being a success on Telefe nights and gave people something to talk about from day one. There were debates about the game of the participants, the romance between Daniela and Thiago, the character of Alfa and the leadership of Romina, but so far no one spoke of something that remarked anama ferreira in very morning.

Anamá surprised in the program Carmen Barbieri with a proposal for the reality show: “I would like to see a black man or a black woman in Big Brother. Here in Argentina we are many blacks, and there are also Chinese. Why not also a Chinese in the game?“.

Big Brother participants
All Big Brother 2022 participants

The Brazilian model is a standard bearer of the anti-racist movement in Argentina. A few years ago she lived an uncomfortable moment with Adriana Aguirre in the program It’s in your hands of Edith Hermida due to discrimination. ferreira took the opportunity to give a teaching and asked: “learn that there are things that are said and are wrong. When someone comes home from work and says “oops, I worked like a black today”, it’s wrong.”

anama ferreira
Anama Ferreira on Instagram

Regarding the request that he made to the Telefe reality show, Ana Ma said “I ever made a mistake. I was once asked why I was the only black model in this country. And my answer was “because there must be few blacks in Argentina.” Then they called me from an association and they made me see that I was wrong, that we are many more than I imagined. So there could easily be one in the next Big Brother.”.


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