On January 23, 2022, Ophélie Meunier presented a new episode of Zone Interdite called: “Faced with the danger of radical Islam, the responses of the State”. “While the vast majority of French people of the Muslim faith respect the laws of the Republic, an active minority claims to belong to a radical Islam which advocates the superiority of Islamic laws over French laws. What is the influence of these movements? State services monitor and fight this radicalism? Investigation in cities like Roubaix or Marseille” could then be heard in the investigation.

Very quickly, viewers expressed their anger at this new report giving a negative image of Muslims in France. The investigation of “Forbidden Zone” having led to the closure of a restaurant located in Roubaix, Ophélie Meunier unfortunately found herself the target of criticism on social networks but the controversy took a more serious turn when the journalist was threatened of death. Enough to force the M6 ​​channel to place her under police surveillance in order to ensure her safety…

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Ophélie Meunier threatened with death: the investigation rebounds
This Wednesday, March 14, 2023, Franceinfo reveals that 10 people were arrested following the investigation opened for “aggravated harassment”. We note that Ophélie Meunier was not the only one to have been threatened with death. Amine Elbahi, an association activist and jurist living in Roubaix had also been targeted, in particular because he suspected the association “Ambitions and initiatives for success” of teaching the Koran by preaching radical Islam, under the guise of support in the northern municipality.

If Ophélie Meunier has assured “to get better” since this controversy, she must now face other concerns related to her show since an angry surgeon recently announced his intention to file a complaint following the broadcast of a another issue dedicated to “excesses of cosmetic surgery”.


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