Taurus: sharpen intuition. This is a big step for Taureans, who generally cling to the rational as a good earth sign. They acquire a special sensitivity, a sixth sense that gives them other tools when choosing. Virgo: they take care of their look and personal appearance. Beauty treatments. Esthetic. Locker room. Taking care of you is loving you. Capricorn: recreational outings and fun. Running the focus will help you put stress aside and paradoxically perform better at work and other responsibilities.

Today is Yellow Magnetic Sun in the Mayan Synchronary

Make a list of affirmations that reinforce your positive thoughts. This is the ABC of positive thinking. When people tell me that things are going wrong, I ask them, do you make positive affirmations? The answer is usually: no. The only recipe I can offer you to start creating a wonderful reality in your life is to do positive affirmations and creative visualizations daily. But if you don’t take the medicine (if you don’t put into practice the tools that are at your fingertips) how do you plan to heal? Personally, I use colored cardboard, and I write my positive affirmations on them (the colors fill me with energy and reinforce my positive beliefs). In them I affirm that I have an excellent job, very well paid, where people love and value what I do. I affirm that my affective relationships are healthy, loving, and full of harmony. Make your own list of affirmations and start repeating them every morning starting today.


I am committed to positive change in my life.

From the book ONE YEAR TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE by Gabriel Mariano Rugiero
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