On France Inter, this Monday, March 13, 2023, comedian Sophia Aram, once again charged the star of C8. This time, for having invited the plotter Gérard Fauré on his set, a few days earlier.

“When you expect a decerebrate to regulate another decerebrate, it’s a bit like cleaning vomit with vomit: it works way less”, she let go among other things. And to continue:So I could do yet another chronicle on the dangers of a bunch of congenital morons laughing on command at the injunctions of a redneck spreading his lack of culture on the highway of his full self-satisfaction (…), but here, I’m tired .”

Cyril Hanouna was quick to respond. On the same day, the host wanted to take his airtime for a most unexpected response. He mentioned in TPMP, the legal problems of the mother of Sophia Aram. “Normally I don’t touch friends or family, but I have to… (…) We are honest, but you at least take care of your mum, my darling!”

“Khadija Aram, sentenced to two years in prison, six months of which is suspended… Why?”, he launched to his audience. “She is accused of having fooled people in an irregular situation by dangling residence permits while she was deputy mayor of Trappes. That’s not pretty…”

The last reaction

It was through her Twitter account that the main interested party formulated her very first reaction following this sequence which made the rounds of social networks. Sophia Aram “liked” the tweet of an Internet user who wanted to support her and who challenged, on this same platform, Arcom. “@Arcom_fr until when will the circus of this show last? Total support for @SophiaAram taken to task again, again and again by Hanouna. These ad personam attacks are unbearable.”

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