A wind of nostalgia has been blowing over the French audiovisual landscape for several months… The proof, while the return of the “Star Academy” on TF1 achieved a huge audience at the end of 2022 with an average of nearly 4 million viewers per premium, other shows are about to return to the small screen!

Indeed, after the announcement of the great return of “Secret Story”, another cult program of the first channel should make its comeback according to a post on twitter: “The Cauet method”.

Tuesday March 14, 2023, the host Sébastien Cauet indeed triggered a tidal wave on the Web by sharing a photo with Cécile De Ménibus on a TV set where we could read in the background “The Cauet Method”.

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A comeback on C8

A tweet that the 50-year-old captioned: ” Soon… “, all while taking care to tag the C8 channel! Real good news for Internet users who were quick to rejoice at this unexpected return! “I loved this show”, “Too good, with Cécile in addition”, “What good news, this show was a breath of fresh air”can we read in reaction to the post of Cauet!

As a reminder, “The Canet Method” was a program broadcast every Thursday evening on TF1 in the second part of the evening from 2003 to 2008. The principle? On the set, Cauet, accompanied by Cécile de Ménibus, received guests around a table to sit on an armchair connected to a heart sensor attached to the fingertip, the aim being to transcribe the state of mind of the guests through the questions posed by the moderator.


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