Rita Lee and Roberto Carvalho We will take advantage of the afternoon of this terça-feira (14/3) to attend TV agarradinhos. João Lee, the son of my singer, published the video in our Instagram stories and it was reposted by my mother. It is worth mentioning that, after an internment in São Paulo, The artist has been discharged for 10 days and is still at home.

The video has a photo and music Caso Sério, two great successes of Rita Lee. “Você e eu somos um caso sério / Ao som de um bolero / Dose dupla / Românticos de Cuba Libre / Misto-quente / Sanduíche de gente”, says the song used by João.

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New biography of Rita Lee

Days after leaving the relieved fãs to or receiving discharge from the Albert Einstein Hospital, Rita Lee announces another good news: the launch of another book about her story. The artist who has written Rita Lee: An Autobiography, in 2016, will premiere Another Autobiography, by Globo Livros. The work is already in pre-sale and hits the market on May 22, the day of Santa Rita de Cássia.

“When I decided to write Rita Lee: An Autobiography (2016), the book marked, in a certain way, a farewell to the person Rita Lee, that two boxes, once she had stayed with me for two shows. I believed that nothing more worthy of note could happen in my best life. Mas é ela velha história: enquanto a gente do planes e acha que sabe de alguna coisa, Deus dá uma risadinha sarcástica”, wrote to the singer to announce the news at this terça-feira (7/3).

Love story of Rita Lee and Roberto de Carvalho

The house has been together since 1976, when Rita Fazia was part of the Tutti Frutti group. Multi-instrumentalist and composer, the two of you are united by love of music, and by Ney Matogrosso, who is presented by Roberto à Roqueira.

In her autobiography, Rita tells that she and Roberto would ficaram together the same night they met, and they would not go away anymore. From the union, Beto, João and Antônio were born.

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