Lali Esposito he won the hearts of the entire world and everything he does is news. In recent days, a video has gone viral in which the artist tells the reason why decided to tattoo a dragonfly.

The video was shared by American Tattoo, the studio in which the singer left said design marked on her skin.

What does Lali Esposito’s dragonfly tattoo mean?

Lali Esposito has a dragonfly tattooed on her skin and it was she herself who told the reason. The truth is that during one of her first big shows, said insect spent the entire event flying over her head.

Lali Esposito

A few days later, the young woman was in a closed studio giving an interview and the journalist asked her if she believed in past lives and in the concept of reincarnation. At that very moment, Lali nodded and answered yes while, immediately, a dragonfly appeared and began to fly above her head.

As a result of this, he decided to find out what said insect meant and discovered that one of the classic meanings is that it was an insect that the samurai tattooed themselves in order to defend their town and their people.

However, the meaning that most resonated with Lali Esposito was that when a dragonfly is on your head it means that it is protecting you because you are a being that has light and that you come into the world to provide that light.


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