By entering in turn in the race to take the place of Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, Pierre Brajeux will try to do better than five years ago. The deputy president of the French Security Federation declared himself a candidate for the presidency of Medef on Monday. “My deep conviction is that the wind has risen, the sea has risen and that a change of course is needed,” says the man who had already competed in 2018 to lead the first French employers’ organization.

Faced with economic, political and social upheavals, “we must be in the momentum”, according to Pierre Brajeux, who will be opposed in particular to the current deputy president of Medef Patrick Martin and to the vice-president and spokesperson Dominique Carlac’ h. Five years ago, when he was the boss of Medef Hauts-de-Seine, he rallied during the campaign to Patrick Martin.

An implicit criticism of the current management

The one who is also president of Torann, a security company with nearly 3,000 employees, believes that “we must not be spectators, that is to say we must not simply be in the commentary or in the reaction “. In an implicit criticism of Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux and the current management of the Medef, Pierre Brajeux hopes “that we give back all its place to the company and that we are not simply waiting for proposals that would come from the exterior”.

Pierre Brajeux also wants to campaign around three axes: simplification, the value of work and taxation. “The software on which we have been living for years means that companies have ever more constraints, ever more checks, ever more sanctions. We have to change software,” he says.

Brajeux wants to “lighten the burden”

Regarding the changes in the world of work, he considers that it is up to the employers’ organization “to take matters into their own hands to reflect on this and see how companies are adapting to changes in society”. Finally, “we must lighten the burdens weighing on companies”, because “we cannot be in an open world and have French companies which have a weight on their shoulders which is clearly greater than our neighbors”, affirms -he.

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