Liverpool announced today, Tuesday, that it will raise the price of its season tickets, starting next season, for the first time in eight years, due to high costs, in a decision that the club’s supporters council described as “cruel and unfair.”

The price of junior tickets or the price of tickets offered for local sale will not increase, and will remain at nine pounds sterling, and the club confirmed that the increase in the price of one season ticket will not exceed 17 pounds sterling.

Liverpool said in a statement: The increase is due to rising costs across the club. Over the past five years, Anfield’s annual operating costs have increased by 40 percent and utility costs have increased by 100 percent this season.

The Liverpool Supporters’ Council described the price hike as “cruel, unfair and unreasonable” amid a cost-of-living crisis in Britain, where annual inflation remains above 10 percent.

The club’s fan council said: This increase also comes at a time when the club is getting a record return, an increase in income, and a great success for the team on the field.

The council added that it proposed alternative solutions such as concluding sponsorship contracts and selling the right to name the stands to obtain revenue equivalent to a two percent price increase.

Liverpool, currently sixth in the league, may lose the Champions League revenues next season if it does not win the continental competition title or if it fails to finish the season with the golden square of the Premier League.

Liverpool travels to face Real Madrid on Wednesday in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16, after losing 5-2 at home in the middle of last month.

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