On the occasion of the launch of the campaign “A daffodil against cancer”, Michel Cymes spoke at the microphone of RTL this Monday, March 13, 2023. Known for his outspokenness and his status as a star doctor, Michel Cymes analyzed the evolution of the perception of cancer, which used to be a disease that we had to “hide”: I see that things are changing and I think that everything Florent Pagny does, what Arthur Sadoun also did with his tonsil cancer linked to the papillomavirus, big boss of Publicis who launched a great campaign for the papillomavirus vaccine, all of this is very important,” he said.

The medical expert insisted on the fact that it is important to lift the taboo on the disease: “Already people who are affected by cancer identify with people as they love […] and thinking “I’m not the only one having this”. […]. Talking about Florent Pagny triggers things around screening and that’s very important”.

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Michel Cymes pushes a huge rant
His enthusiasm was short-lived as he then made a point of pushing a big rant against the antivax which, according to him, make a dangerous shortcut between vaccination against Covid-19 and cancer. Julien Sellier indeed launched Michel Cymes on the subject by saying: “Alexandra Henrion-Caude, she is a former researcher at Inserm, she wrote a book to explain that vaccines against Covid caused cancer. what does this speech that some call conspiratorial, as medicine, worry you, annoy you?

To which Michel Cymes replied: “It’s a real scandal! There is no ethics on the part of a certain number of media to invite this kind of people and this person you are talking about, we must stop give a voice to antivaxers who are doing incredible harm to medicine in France. They manage to influence people who can be influenced, who no longer know where they stand”.


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