Absent from the big screen in 2022, Alexandra Lamy is catching up with the release of three films in the first quarter of 2023 alone. Starring in the second part of the comedy “Alibi.com”, the French actress from 51-year-old also plays in “Zodi and Téhu, brothers of the desert by Eric Barbier. Finally, under the direction of Lisa Azuelos, she plays a mother named Thelma in “La Chambre des Merveilles”, in theaters this Wednesday, March 15, 2023 .

The story tells how the life of a single mother is turned upside down after a tragic road accident that plunges Louis, her 12-year-old son, into a coma. While rummaging through her belongings, Thelma discovers her son’s diary which listed the “10 things he would like to do before the end of the world”. Among them: swimming with whales, meeting his father at least once or even slapping Kevin Martineau… To prove to his son that he must absolutely survive and wake up, the young woman will then make these wishes come true for him…

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Alexandra Lamy admiring Muriel Robin
In full promotion of this promising new feature film, Alexandra Lamy, who was recently asked if she “slept to succeed”, gave an unpublished interview to our colleagues from CNews published this Tuesday, March 14, 2023. The opportunity for her to reveal if the character he plays resembles him: “With Lisa (Azuelos), we rewrote some of the dialogue following our maternal instincts. Together, we thought about how we would react if our child was hospitalized and that he was between life and death. For example, a monologue was added in which Thelma apologizes to her son for only being interested in his grades at school and his homework. of that, she should have just asked him how he was,” she reveals.

Chloé Jouannet’s mother also takes the opportunity to confide in the dreams she had when she was a child, she who grew up in Alès: “I wanted to leave my little town in the South, come to Paris and become an actress” remembers- her before adding: “But I never imagined at the time that I would one day shoot with Josiane Balasko or Muriel Robin, two women I admire. I still remember my first visit to Paris. Mobile phones didn’t exist. There were a lot of people on the Place de la Concorde, even at midnight. It was quite strange, as I came from a provincial town where there was no one in the streets at 7 p.m. “. Propelled into the spotlight after having played in the sitcom “A guy, a girl”, Alexandra Lamy is today one of the most popular French actresses with nearly forty films to her credit.


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