“At the end of the third black ball, I said to myself that fate had decided not to be nice to me. » Elodie had her Koh Lanta spoiled by these draws depriving her of competing in the events with her red Tinago team. In the fourth episode, broadcast on Tuesday on TF1, fate has dogged the 35-year-old Belgian who considers herself “unlucky in life”. She came last in the elimination round and was eliminated on the spot…

How did you experience your elimination?

Very badly and I still have not done my mourning. I was unlucky compared to the black balls, I could not prove my worth. If I had had this opportunity, I would have taken this outing better on an eliminatory stage. But I know that I left with my head held high because, the day before, I was very negative. The morning of the council, I had promised my teammates that they would no longer hear me complaining…

During the last council, you were in the hot seat. There, you at least have the satisfaction of telling yourself that your elimination was not decided by your teammates, right?

After the council, I thanked Martin, Julie and Christine who had voted against me because they kicked me in the ass. It was a lesson, which made me understand that I had to stop complaining. Afterwards, it’s true that the fact that my torch has not been extinguished has softened my pain a little. But as the teams were reconstituted right after, I think I could have stayed longer.

What prompted you to participate in “Koh-Lanta”?

I wanted to surpass myself physically. I have always loved sports and had this adventurous side in me. I love traveling with a backpack, going to sleep anywhere, on the ground. As I didn’t have the opportunity to participate in many events, I couldn’t push my limits. That’s why it sticks in my throat. I wanted to prove that I was a fighter and take revenge on life.

That’s to say ?

I was affected by breast cancer in December 2021. I was operated on immediately. Fifteen days later, I sent my application to Koh Lanta specifying my state of health. I was called to do the castings when I hadn’t finished my treatments. I told myself that I was not going to stop living, nor give up on my dreams. I felt no impact of cancer on my body or on my life. It was revenge on life to participate in Koh-Lanta. I wanted to prove that you could be affected by the disease and be a fighter.

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