Tuesday March 21, 2023, W9 will broadcast a special evening entirely dedicated to Patrick Bruel. In the first part, viewers will have the opportunity to relive the concert of December 7, 2019 given by the artist before being able to watch a new documentary devoted to the singer’s tour. A few days before this highly anticipated event by fans, our colleagues from TV Star had the opportunity to interview the performer of the title Square of great men. An opportunity for the latter to indulge, in preview, on his concerts.

“I wanted to show what happens before, during and after the show. The doubts, the bursts of laughter, the anxieties too, everything that accompanies a tour”first explained Patrick Bruel before going into details. “On this tour, there were beautiful moments that were not planned… If I hear in the audience someone asking for a title, I say to myself why not. I start the song, then I ask myself to find out if the musicians can follow me. But it’s too late, let’s go!”

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Patrick Bruel imprinted with many doubts

Determined to make each date unique, the one who is often on the boards has only one word in mind: improvement. “I got that from the theatre, where, between each performance, we have twenty-four hours to think, to find a new look. Every evening, during the soundcheck, I come up with a new idea for a play of light, a harmony of guitar, a placement. These changes bring the concert to life”.

Perfectionist, Patrick Bruel has also cracked more than once after a performance. Moments of doubt that are also highlighted in the documentary. A particularly touching sequence thus shows the artist collapsing in the arms of his mother after a concert. “It was in Nancy. I was not happy with myself. My mother was present, she told me that the public had not realized anything, that it was good. However, I remained focused on this ‘ minidrama’. But it doesn’t last”. Touching confidences.


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