It is to tangle the brushes there. Pierre Palmade, 54, had confirmation this Tuesday morning that he would not ultimately go through the “prison” box. The investigative chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal – the same one which had decided two weeks ago on the placement in pre-trial detention of the comedian – finally confirmed his release under judicial supervision… but with particularly strict restrictions . Why such a turnaround? And what will change, concretely, this decision?

Why a new decision?

To understand this new twist, you have to dive back into the case. On February 17, a week after the accident which left three seriously injured – a father and his six-year-old son as well as a woman who lost the child she was carrying – the comedian is indicted, in particular for “injury and involuntary homicide” and placed under judicial control with an electronic bracelet. A decision opposed by the Melun prosecution, which therefore decided to appeal. On February 27, the investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal goes in the direction of the prosecution and therefore decides to place Pierre Palmade in pre-trial detention. It considers in particular that the latter presents a risk of driving again under the influence of cocaine and that his detention is necessary to preserve the investigation.

But on March 6, the situation reversed: the investigating judge investigating the accident decided to accede to the request of Pierre Palmade’s lawyer and to lift the provisional detention for medical reasons. Indeed, on February 25, the comedian suffered a stroke. But the prosecutor of Melun remains opposed to this release under judicial control is appealed. Back on Friday, March 10, like a fortnight before, before the investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal.

After four days of reflection, the magistrates this time confirmed the judicial review, considering that his state of health was not “incompatible” with detention but that his state of health “reduced the risks” which had based their first decision.

Concretely, what will change for Pierre Palmade?

The comedian has, in fact, never physically gone to prison. His stroke, which occurred the day before the decision to place him in pre-trial detention, required his hospitalization. To materialize this detention, prison officers were therefore placed in front of his room in the Krêmlin-Bicêtre hospital first, then in that of Plessis-Robinson where he was transferred for a time. Only his lawyer and the nursing staff were allowed to enter the room.

It is on this point in particular that judicial review changes the situation. Admittedly, the new judicial review prohibits the actor “from leaving the hospital where he is being cared for” but he can receive visits from his relatives, with the obvious exception of the two men also indicted in this case. case. Pierre Palmade can also travel within this hospital. On the other hand, if he changes hospital structure, a modification of his judicial control will be necessary.

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