Lots of revelations! This Tuesday, March 14, Cyril Hanouna invited Jordan de Luxe to the set of “TPMP”following his record set the day before with his show “At Jordan’s”. Indeed, on Monday March 13, the journalist recorded a record with more than 100,000 viewers on average when he received Élisabeth Levy, editorial director The Talker. The host of the daily C8 therefore wished to congratulate him in person, by inviting him to his show. But the journalist also took advantage of his visit to question the columnists, as he can do in his own daily newspaper.

The opportunity for the latter to question Gilles Verdez on his departure from “TPMP”. “Do you know the date of your departure from Touche not at my post?”he asked her before Fatou’s companion confessed, to the great surprise of Baba and the chroniclers: “It’s a good question and it’s possible that yes. But I won’t say more”. Despite this announcement, Cyril Hanouna managed to show humor and “reassure” himself: “It’s when he’s going to marry Fatou, so we still have 10 years ahead of us”. Surprised by the announcement of Gilles Verdez, Jordan de Luxe still asked the host to “TPMP” if the latter was aware of this possible departure. “No, but I don’t care at all”he then dropped frankly.

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Géraldine Maillet balances her salary in “TPMP”

After Gilles Verdez, it was Géraldine Maillet who went on the journalist’s “radar”. He asked Daniel Riolo’s companion what his salary was. “I am not paid in salary, I am paid in Jordan bills”explained the author in all sincerity. “In invoice? How much is it approximately per month?”then added Jordan de Luxe before Géraldine Maillet replied: “I would have to ask the manager of my company, I will tell you next time”.

If the columnist of “TPMP” ensure to be “paid less than Matthieu Delormeau, less than Benjamin Castaldi, less than Bernard Montiel”, she could not escape the investigation of the presenter of “At Jordan’s”. Indeed, this one did his research and swung in the middle of the show: “Roughly around 800 euros per show”. “It must be around that yes”confirmed the companion of Daniel Riolo, visibly not struck by the revelation live.


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