By imagining its pieces of feminine lingerie, Etam helps women to be sexy in all circumstances while prioritizing their comfort.

The specialist brand designs sets that are soft and pleasant to wear on a daily basis.

At the end of winter, the lingerie brand is launching a new range of push-up bras. Without underwiring, these innovative models provide optimal support for the bust while enhancing it. They also give a plunging and curved effect to the neckline.

A new range of push-ups for optimal support

An expert in women’s lingerie, Etam markets several types of bras: triangle, balconette, plunging, with thin cups, without underwiring… You will find the ideal pieces of lingerie for all tastes and bodies. Great novelty for the French brand and for the world of lingerie: Etam now markets push-up bras without underwire.

Called Cozy Wireless, this range of sexy lace non-wired bras is the latest innovation for Etam. It was designed with the help of expert corset-makers and is suitable for all types of breasts. Say goodbye to uncomfortable underwired bras, Etam makes sexy and comfort go hand in hand!

Thanks to their more or less thin push-up cups, depending on the size of the cups, these bras make it possible to gain a size in the chest circumference. Their name comes from the English “push-up”, which means to go up. By refocusing and raising the chest, they make the neckline more plunging and uplifting. Pleasant to wear, they also give an impression of firmness, with a plumper chest.

Without underwiring, Etam push-up bras are perfectly flexible and offer greater freedom of movement. They also go almost unnoticed under any clothing. As they magnify the neckline, we will choose to wear them under a sexy dress, a tight and low-cut top or a carelessly unbuttoned shirt to reveal a perfect curve.

Models for all cup sizes

Among the models in this new collection, the plunging push-up bra N°2 is available in two colors: blush or black. It is embellished with lace details that make it terribly romantic.

In a playful way of transparency, this non-wired padded bra plays the all-black sensuality card with its openwork lace. Without shells or underwiring, it ensures the support of more generous breasts. It is suitable for cup sizes B to D.

As to N°5 plunge bra without underwiring from Etam’s Cozy Wireless range, it perfectly holds larger breasts in place. It has thin cups that do not add bulk to breasts that do not need it. It is therefore recommended for cup sizes D and E.

Push-up bras: for which type of breasts?

Push-up bras are suitable for all types of breasts. Generally padded with more or less thin shells, they give a natural shaping effect which accentuates the roundness of the breasts. All the non-wired push-up bras in Etam’s Cozy Wireless range hold the bust perfectly in place, regardless of its size.

Padded models offer a curved look to small or medium-sized breasts thanks to their pads present inside the bra, on each side of the cups and under the breasts.

Certain types of non-wired push-up bras are also suitable for generous breasts. These are models with thin shells, designed not to amplify their volume.

Discover the new range of Cozy Wireless underwear at Etam and enjoy underwear that is as chic as it is comfortable.

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