The demons of Midnight, Night of madness, In red and black… The 1980s, in discotheques, weddings or birthdays, it’s always a success, whether you lived through this blessed era or not. And the 1990s, then? This musical decade, which saw the explosion of dance and hip-hop and the birth The Macarena and the Spice Girls, can it, one day, equal the one that preceded it? Will the artists of the 1990s one day fill stadiums and entire Zeniths, as their elders of the 1980s still do?

On the occasion of a concert by Larusso, Benny B and Yannick, Saturday evening, at the Montpellier Fair (Herault), 20 minutes waiting for your testimonies. Are you a DJ, artist, or simply a music lover? Did you know the 1980s or the 1990s, maybe both? Do you think the 1990s could one day have the aura of the 1980s? Or do you think the 1980s are unbeatable no matter what? You can respond using the form below. THANKS !

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