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The exchange between Mexico and Brazil already has a date! While key alves will spend a week on the Mexican reality show “La Casa de Los Famosos”, a Telemundo program in the USA influencer Dania Medez comes to BBB 23. The two confined have already embarked on the scheme.

Dania Mendez, 31, received this Tuesday (14) an invitation to embark on a mission during the program, accepting it right away. The influencer should arrive at the BBB on Wednesday (15), but the Tuesday program will already show details about participation, according to information from Globo.

Key Alves, on the other hand, shared on the networks the trip to the home of the famous Mexicans and promised to “talk about everything I didn’t know about here”. The volleyball player’s day-to-day life can be followed during daily compilations shown on the BBB throughout the week.

In the most guarded house in the country, Dania will join the VIP group, participate in the X-Rays and will have an as yet undisclosed mission related to the Joker Power. The guest must have a decisive role in the formation of the next Paredão.

Dania Mendez became known for participating in the reality of relationships Acapulco Shore and accumulates 7 million followers on social networks. Boninho had already given spoilers that this would be his favorite participant to enter the program.

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