Rio de Janeiro

The disappointment of being on the ninth Paredão do BBB 23, Larissa Santos decided to clear up the latest events in the house with some participants. The Physical Education teacher decided to call Marvvilla for a conversation and explained that she was hurt to learn that the singer’s vote for the hot seat of the week it did not happen due to pressure from the group from the Quarto Fundo do Mar.

“I don’t know if I get more upset knowing that it wasn’t in a group, that it was because you really wanted to put me in the spotlight. Did you want to vote for me? Really, I didn’t expect it. Many things hurt me even in the last vote, knowing who were going to vote for me, who voted for me. This week again”, commented Larissa. Marvvila tries to ease the situation who wanted to vote for Cezar Blackbut he couldn’t because he had been nominated directly to Paredão by the leader MC guime.

But the sister continues to regret. “I’m even going to cry… it really hurt me. This week even when I found out that you voted for me again, I was like ‘wow, my God’. Last week even ok, fine, because I was in a group and now you voted again. I even said ‘there are other options’. That hurt me a lot”, he observed.

Larissa continued with her reasoning complaining about the singer, who ended up not continuing the conversation: “This is a game and I know I’m going to have to deal with it. It’s hard to know that the people you like are voting for you, but I have to know how to deal”, concluded the sister.

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