It is a case that caused a stir this Monday, March 13, 2023… On Twitter, Karl Olive, the deputy of the majority, took offense at the outfit chosen by Ersilia Soudais, deputy LFI, during a recent demonstration. Without naming her, the ex-mayor of Poissy allowed himself to broadcast a snapshot of the elected official on the famous platform: “People laughed in my face when I said at the start of the 16th legislature in July 2022 that at this rate of total disrespect, we would one day see deputies in ripped jeans. Here we are ! We walk on the head”.

And to add: “Wouldn’t we dress up the dress code for our function?”. A post that sparked strong reactions on social networks. The day after this publication, Cyril Hanouna discussed the subject with his team in “Do not touch My TV”. Facing the camera, Gilles strongly defended the politician who is making headlines to this day: “I think this outfit is great,” assured Fatou’s husband.

“Oh shut up”, dropped Matthieu Delormeau at his address. “Ah well, these are his buddies, his friends. La France Insoumise, these are the friends of Gilles, go ahead”added Cyril Hanouna. “They are not my friends”, corrected the journalist. “The only rule is ‘proper dress’. If that’s not proper dress, tell all the women in the street wearing this that they’re not in proper dress!”

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“But you burned out your brain!”

But, it’s not the same, but you burned your brain!”, Matthieu Delormeau got annoyed. “Your argument, he could hold, possibly saying, ‘ok, it was not in the enclosure of the hemicycle, it was during a demonstration and she put on jeans'”, underlined Valérie Benaïm. “But again, she uses the tricolor scarf. So even if you want to put on jeans, you put on jeans that don’t have disgusting holes (…).”

And to specify: “Even within the enclosure of the hemicycle (…), I went to look at the regulations, the regulations say correct dress…”. What Gilles Verdez replied: “Yes, that’s what I said…”.“Wait, is that a proper outfit for you?”, surprised Cyril Hanouna by alpacating it. “But stop talking bullshit… It looks like Renaud at a concert. Stop a bit… I love Renaud, but hey”. An electric atmosphere that kept the audience spellbound!


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