Saudi rider Amal bint Faisal finished fourth on horseback “Sanaha”, in her first participation in a regular race in Saudi Arabia, after obtaining a riding license from the Horse Racing Club last October.

On Friday, Amal participated in the third round of the novice mares – a local production at the age of 3 years – at a distance of 1600 meters, in the start of the King Abdulaziz Founder’s Cup, which ends on Saturday evening.

Amal bint Faisal, who wore trousers with the phrase “the first woman” inscribed in English, said: This is my promise to continue giving, and to become an example for all the daughters of the country in driving horses as professional riders.

And she continued: I feel proud to fulfill my promise to everyone who supported me and stood by me, and I dedicate this achievement to my family, especially my mother, who has been supportive of me throughout my career since the beginning.

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