40th: 27-3 at the break because Thomas Ramos never misses, even when it’s difficult. HALF TIME!


39th : Last scrum of the first period. Come on, let’s do it right.

38th : It slips Dombrandt, it slips. And that’s one more advance against the English. We take!

37th : Stupid foul from the English, high tackle on Ramos. The guys are losing their minds, thanks to them.

36th : Bad dismissal from Dupont, well countered. Apart from that we are still on very good Toto today

36th : 20-3, Ramos passes this penalty juuuustesse, he is successful, the back of Toulouse.

33rd: 17-3, the first English points are there. On the other hand, no Scottish scenario please guys

32nd : Danty very voluntary and effective defensively from the beginning, there he puts a little too much… Offside and penalty for England.

30th : Festival of faults, scrums and penalties since it rains. Normal, the balloon slides like a soap bar

27th: It’s transformed by Ramos, of course. 17-0!

26th: TEST OF THE XV OF FRANCE! FLAME! IT WAS SURE THAT HE WOULD MARK HERE! He tumbled out, to the rescue, to break through the English wall which defended his line. Danty had broken his teeth there, Dupont took over, saw Flament who broke everything to flatten. 15-0!

23rd : Arf they didn’t understand each other with Penaud … Ntamack plays small at the foot but no one to go and play this ball, except England, which emerges at the foot

22nd : Watson trapped by the rain, forward and scrum to come

21st : Clearance under pressure from Penaud, it was worked on in training, we saw it on Wednesday during high intensity training. It pays!


19th : It’s been worse for ten minutes. France is starting to make mistakes, the English are looking for the penalty. We will have to defend the line…

17th : Exchange of kicks, at least Galthié will not be able to blame his players for playing too much. As the rain falls on Twickenham!

15th : The Blues get away with it and recover the ball on an English foul. We are back in the English camp. But for a short time, the Blues return the ball on a bad foot game.

13th : The XV of the rose wakes up and offers an excellent sequence, with a touch 5m from the French line.

12th : The French defense is back! Very little or no indiscipline and English overwhelmed in the rucks

10th : The English are constantly under pressure and are obliged to free themselves as they can. Touch at 40m for the XV of France after an English foot game

8th : Danty’s start to the game, yum. He had missed, the bugger.

6th: 2/2 FOR THOMAS RAMOS! 10-0 France

5th : Popopopo but what did he just give us Alldritt the breakthrough to go gain 20-30 meters, both in speed and power. Not bad also Dupont’s pass to launch it. And behind we get a penalty.

4th : If we could play for 80 minutes like this, it would be heaven

3rd: 7-0, it’s not easy but Ramos is too strong! Converted essay

3rd: MASTERFUL TEST OF THE XV OF FRANCE SIGNED BY RAMOS ON THE WING! But what inspiration from Flament at the origin, the magic offload pass. And Ramos who turns into a winger to conclude. PERFECT!

2nd : Very good start to the match with a nice scratch from Danty, France keeps the ball

1st: The English kick off!

5:43 p.m. : The anthems have been sung, the players are placed on the lawn, it will not take long to fight.

5.40 p.m .: The players enter the lawn of Twickenham!

5:40 p.m. : A date that we have heard a lot, 2005. Year of the last French victory in England in the tournament

5:30 p.m.: Only 15 minutes left before kick-off! Are you hot for the crunch?

8:27 a.m .: If there is only one match to follow each year in the Tournament, it is this one

Impossible to resist the clash between the hereditary enemies, who have fortunately traded arrows and arquebuses for an oval ball and very sharp crampons. English and French challenge each other this Saturday at Twickenham, and the winner will be able to keep a small hope of winning the Six Nations Tournament. But the Blues will try above all to finally sign a good performance, during a competition for the moment not completely mastered. This means winning in the “temple of rugby” (sorry for the cliché, but it was Fabien Galthié who repeated it again this week), which the French have not managed to do in the Tournament since 2005 and the 18 points at the foot of Dimitri Yachvili (17-18).

Since then, there has been this success in August 2007 (15-21), but it was “only” a match to prepare for the World Cup. So yes, Steve Borthwick’s men – replacements for an Eddie Jones that the players no longer supported – are no longer the terrors of yesteryear. But, to quote Galthié again, “when you name the giants of world rugby, the English are there, whether they are at their top level or in more difficult times”.

» We meet at 5:30 p.m. for a kick-off at 5:45 p.m.

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