On Friday March 10, Camilo He made the first of his two presentations at the Movistar Arena. Sold out, the artist delighted his audience with an unforgettable show. A pure party, Evaluna Montaner’s husband took the stage and after playing a drum, while the audience cheered him, he opened his show with “KESI”.

The presentation of Camilo it was a roller coaster of emotions for viewers. At one point, Indigo’s father asked all those who are heartbroken or feel a deep sadness that they don’t think they can get out of, to turn on the light on their cell phones. Following that, he gave a message of love, encouragement, faith and made everyone who was ever in a well from which they did not think they could get out and managed to turn on their flashlights. In this way, the singer made it clear that no one is alone and that you can always get ahead.

After the emotional moment in which many fans broke down in tears, he performed “Scissorhands” sitting on the carpet (which was part of the scenery) as a serenade. It is inevitable to notice the unique connection that the vocalist has with “La Tribu”, as he baptized his audience.

Camilo appeared in Buenos Aires and sang the song of the Argentine fans:

However, there were also moments of laughter and lots of dancing. It is necessary to mention that Camilo He moves around the stage to read all the posters that lead him and that from all angles they can see it in the same way. “Vida de Rico”, “Pegao”, “Bebé”, “Ambulancia” and “Ropa Cara” were some of the hits that he gave to his people.

It is worth noting the incredible staging and the incredible visuals that were observed on the screen, designed exclusively for each of the songs.. It is Sara Escobar, the wife of Mau Montaner, who is in charge of those designs.

Camilo appeared in Buenos Aires and sang the song of the Argentine fans:
Camilo with the public.

The surprises of Camilo’s show

The first surprise came, of course, from the hand of Evaluna who accompanied her husband on stage to sing “Por Primera Vez” and “Machu Pichu”. The actress received a warm welcome and she was happy to be in her hometown.

Although she was not the only guest of the artist, since After mentioning that no one loves Evaluna like him, he acknowledged that there is a man who loved her first and invited his father-in-law to the stage. Ricardo Montaner made his triumphant entrance amid deafening applause.

Camilo appeared in Buenos Aires and sang the song of the Argentine fans:
Evaluna and Camilo.

Montaner took off his shoes to be in tune with his son-in-law and to be able to stand on the carpet and together they performed a unique version of “Bésame”. The accompaniment of the obviously emotional public was magical. But Although they asked for one more, Evaluna’s father withdrew to take care of Indigo who was in the dressing room.

Not to mention that the singer got off the stage to sing near his fans, another surprise was a gift from Camilo for all Argentines. The musician began to sing “Muchachos” and it was the necessary footing for all those present to remember the triumph of the National Team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The audience sang the chorus of the song and joined with one voice to shout ” Argentina Argentina”. The singer-songwriter looked at his fans and expressed: “Congratulations World Champions”.

Camilo appeared in Buenos Aires and sang the song of the Argentine fans:
Montaner and Camilo.

Camilo she made a costume change in the middle of her show and for the end Evaluna returned and together they performed “Indigo”. The closure occurred in the midst of a shower of papers and the excitement of the public to say goodbye to the beloved artist, his wife and his musicians.

An important fact is that Accompanying Camilo were his parents and his sister in the stands, who were applauded by the fans upon entering. The singer’s family enjoyed the show from start to finish and danced throughout the recital.

Camilo appeared in Buenos Aires and sang the song of the Argentine fans:

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