The end of Big Brother it is imminent and now there are only two relatives left inside the house, Nacho’s father, Rodolfo and Valentina, Marcos’s sister. The last one eliminated was Gladys, the mother of The Torah.

Lucila became aware of her mother’s departure and spoke with Nacho’s father about the relationship he has with Gladys after going to live alone. “I did not expect my mother to come and I see them all as the Ingalls family, all very well, and I with my mother, who is the person I love the most in the world, I have things to solve, things working on them”, said The Torah.

Big Brother La Tora and Gladys
Big Brother: La Tora broke down in tears after her mother left

“I can’t have the perfect relationship that everyone has. My mother’s entrance upset me, for something I haven’t lived with her for 5 years,” Rodolfo explained to her, who contained her at that very sensitive moment that the participant was going through.

“Seeing that they were all the Ingalls, and I, I don’t move much, I get sick. I didn’t expect my old lady, basically”, Lucilla finished. This conversation was broadcast on tape in the Big Brother debate where Gladys was, which caused a tense moment in the studio.


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