Zaz has been making a name for himself in the music industry for several years. But after having chained the hits and the tours, the interpreter of “I want” decided to take a break for three years. The opportunity for her to recharge her batteries on the essentials.

“Before confinement, I had chosen to stop. I think I had arrived at a time when I was no longer in balance. Zaz took up all the space. I was even doing a saturation of Zaz. Afterwards, beyond that, I needed to take care of myself, to build my personal life, because I met someone. I wanted to buildhas indicated the singer for Pure Charts.

A decision she does not regret in the least: It’s not that it would have been impossible, but given what I had to work on inside to be able to agree to open up, I couldn’t. I was always protecting myself. It was wrong, I had to face things to be able to open up. I think it was the right time, actually. I felt it… I had to go on tour again and I said: “No, I have to stop, I never stopped, I have to take care of myself”.

“I feel my body relieved of its ego…”

At the latest news, Zaz is doing like a charm! As proof, she was spotted this week at Paris Fashion Week. The main interested party also made the show during the Clara Daguin fashion show at Baccarat. Not a little proud, she obviously shared beautiful images of this incredible experience. Dressed in a sublime blue dress pimped with original patterns, the latter opted for boots in the same color. And that’s not all !

Small detail that is important and that did not go unnoticed: her XXL nails. The author of this manicure has also specified on the Web: “Dear diary, yesterday I put my nails on Zaz and my life no longer has any meaning: I feel my body relieved of its ego and of all purpose. Like a dandelion dust, I now sail, relieved of all weight, towards an uncertain but welcoming, calm and gentle goal. Thanks “. A nice statement all in all!


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