A few days ago, the influencer and singer Tamara Baez and the cumbia singer 420 L-Ghent they packed their bags and together with their daughter Jamaica headed towards the Atlantic Coast, to be more exact Silver Sea. While Tamara shares her activities and walks through La Feliz on her Instagram stories, He also shared the house where the three of them are staying.

The pictures he shared with his fans, They are from the incredible and luxurious house in Sierra de los Padres, town that is located a few kilometers from the spa, and has a luxurious and spacious pool that around it has a large garden.

Tamara Baez and L-Gante
The pool of the luxurious house where Tamara Baez is staying with her ex L-Gante
Tamara Baez and L-Gante
The residential neighborhood of Sierra de los Padres
Tamara Baez and L-Gante
The incredible window of the house where Tamara Báez stays with her daughter Jamaica

Tamara Báez responds to the criticism that she was made for going with her ex on vacation

A few days ago, the mother of Jamaica received several criticisms for going on a trip with her ex-boyfriend, with whom he had controversial fights and a scandalous separation.

“No, Tami. How low you fell. And where are self-esteem and dignity?” were some of the comments Tamara received. And since she cannot remain silent, she came out to answer: “What? Can’t I get together with my daughter’s father? Try to make everything okay? Seeing my daughter’s happiness when she has both of us is priceless.”


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