the presenter Marília Gabriela became the target of fake news that associates his name with a video in which criticism is made of the Lula government and alleged abuses of Rouanet Law. The piece, which started to be replicated by Bolsonarist profiles on social networks, was actually recorded and published by someone else.

The original video was authored by Regina Velloso, a woman who presents herself as a specialist in people management, and was aired last Friday (20). “The current government got into the Ferrari of destruction. It’s so insanity that, from the first day, I gave up, abandoned any and all news”, says Velloso.

Then, the author starts to share several false or distorted information involving the use of the Rouanet Law by actress Claudia Raia and the management of San Francisco river by Lula. She even talks about the existence of a “socialist machine” in the country and questions Northeasterners who voted for the PT, reproducing attacks already made by supporters of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) to voters in the region.

The original publication has just over a hundred likes on the network where it was made available. The version that started to circulate among Bolsonaristas was replicated dozens of times and bears the inscription “Marília Gabriela and the ungoverned Ferrari”, suggesting that the statements were recorded by the presenter.

“It’s a lie and very badly done”, says Marília Gabriela to the column, contradicting the fake news. “It doesn’t even deserve a comment so as not to propagate this nonsense”, he says.

Velloso and Gabriela bear no resemblance beyond their hair color and deeper voice.

on the platform Kwaiwhere the original video with the false information was made available, only the message “we encourage the responsible sharing of election-related content” is displayed.

Despite efforts made by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE)the 2022 elections were marked by an aggressive game of disinformation and violence on the internet, and the actions proved insufficient, to the point of leading the electoral court to create new rules ten days before the second round.

As shown to Sheetdifferent surveys indicated a delay in deleting false publications throughout the campaign and a failure to detect content that, in principle, collides with the platforms’ policies.

On the eve of the first round, a series of audios and texts that associated Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) to PCC and the death of Celso Daniel, former mayor of Santo André (SP), circulated again on all platforms. Lula’s coalition entered at least four times with shares in the TSE asking for the content to be removed.


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