The year began a few days ago, but I have already delivered many surprises, mainly not the world of celebrities. In interview to the portal Ana MariaA seer anticipated some things that could happen and shake even more the future of celebrities involved in controversy, such as bruna griphao and Daniel Alves.

to medium Chaline Grazik He said that he sees many obstacles in Griphao’s life and that she could be one of the first to be eliminated BBB23. “He is a person with a good heart, rather than having a baggage of many traumas, especially in love life. I recommend being careful, because of this relationship as a kid inside the house, you can trace many marks in your life, in addition to a very large stain on your career, ”she completed.

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She also commented on the future of Daniel Alves, imprisoned in Spain accused of raping a 23-year-old boy. According to Chaline, he is going to face a moment “of a lot of density” and he will need to take care of himself. The psychic alerted about accidents and said that he “needs a lot of spiritual protection at the moment.”

Susan Vieira I was also summoned by a medium, who foresaw good and ruinous things for the actress. Throughout the year, she may face some health problem involving the region of the torso, but she will also meet a new home. “Vejo that will bring a great joy to the roads of it.”

More forecasts of the seer

Another name noted for controversy endorsed by a medium was or Cássia Kis. Now, she has been criticized for her participation in anti-democratic acts and accused of homophobia behind the scenes of Globo, a source of spirituality in favor of her.

“The energies denote that it is the key to everything in life, but it is going to go through a turbulent moment”, revealed Chaline Grazik. She also pointed out that the veteran “will be able to understand or that it is not true.”

“Inclusively, old Yemanjá guiding the paths of her and drawing much wisdom. There is a possible trip or a change of residence, perhaps on behalf of an apprentice. No entanto, a letter two times says that she will need to stick very spiritually.”

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