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Britney Spears, 41, was irritated when police knocked on her door on Wednesday night (25). Sources told the TMZ that police received several calls from fans concerned about the singer’s safety after she unannounced her Instagram account.

The pop diva posted a message on Twitter on Thursday saying she loves her fans, but they went too far by calling the police. “As you all know the police were called to my home based on some prank calls. I love my fans but this time things have gone too far and my privacy has been invaded.”

Britney claimed that the police did not enter her home. According to her, when the police arrived at the gate they realized that there were no problems and left. “During this time in my life, I really hope that the public and my fans, who I care so much about, can respect my privacy going forward,” she wrote on Twitter.

The singer has already deactivated her account on the social network several times, but a source said that this time without a real reason. The incident took place a few days after she announced that she was changing her social media name to River Red.

The netizen @Shabnam_Danesh commented that these people who triggered the police are not fans of the singer. “They are obsessive psychopaths who think they have a right to know every detail of your life.”

“I think if you weren’t so cryptic in your posts, people wouldn’t be so concerned about your safety. We need to hear these words from your mouth, not in posts,” wrote netizen @17andrearose.

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