On date 1 of the Colombia – Liga Betplay I 2023 tournament, the Ajedrezados celebrated twice against the Aurinegros. The goals for the local were scored by Romir Balanta (34′ 1T, from a penalty) and Jacobo Pimentel (12′ 2T).

Elkin Mosquera was the figure of the party. The Boyacá Chicó defender was important for recovering 5 balls and rejecting 5 dangerous balls.

Another important player in the match was Sebastián Támara. The Boyacá Chicó midfielder made 29 correct passes and shot on goal twice.

The process of the match was very close and intense, with more nerves than play. There were 2 reprimands: Kevin Torres and Luis Angulo.

Chicó’s technical director, Mario García, proposed a 4-3-3 strategy with Rogerio Caicedo in goal; Elkin Mosquera, Henry Plazas, Delvin Alfonzo and Eduard Banguero on the defensive line; Sebastián Támara, Frank Lozano and Kevin Londoño in the middle; and Jacobo Pimentel, Wilmar Cruz and Romir Balanta in attack.

For their part, those led by Hubert Bodhert stopped with a 5-4-1 scheme with Jaime Mora under the three sticks; Efraín Navarro, Pedro Franco, Luciano Ospina, Leonardo Saldaña and Royscer Colpa in defense; Juan Ceballos, Kevin Torres, Edwin Torres and Luis Angulo in midfield; and Pablo Bueno up front.

Referee José Ortiz Novoa was selected to carry out the actions of the game.

On the next date, the Ajedrezados will receive the Jaguares and the Aurinegros will play at home against Pasto at the Daniel Villa Zapata stadium.

After the match, the local team is left with 3 points and first in the standings. While the visit has not yet added units and occupies the twentieth place in the tournament.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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