Sao Paulo

key alves revealed a tare for foot odor and feet Gustavo Benedetti during conversation at BBB 23, on the afternoon of this Thursday (26). He laughed at the volleyball player who insisted that when she finished training, she usually smelled her socks.

“I have a thing for feet and foot odor”, Key said to Gustavo, who seemed to be in disbelief. “Bullshit”, he replied laughing, while massaging the player’s feet. “I love the smell of my foot odor, baby, it’s a baby smell. It’s such a nice, sour little foot odor,” insisted Key.

The brother asked his lover to stop talking about it because it was getting ugly. “Yeah, I swear to God. I’m dead serious. I don’t smell bad. Stop being silly, you’re going to love smelling my foot,” Key said.

Gustavo said he won’t smell the player’s feet. “I smell yours,” Key said. “But you smell because you want to,” snapped Gustavo.

Netizens shared the video of the couple’s conversation on the networks and commented. “This here looks a lot like João Kleber’s program [na Rede TV! que mostrava casos bombásticos]”, tweeted @DigaBittencourt . “Key: ‘I have feet, you know? My feet are smelly’. I have the same face as Gustavo”, wrote @Patty__crf bn.

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