Rio de Janeiro

Antonio Face of Shoe never hid that he has a mania for cleanliness and this Wednesday (26th), the fighter got irritated when he saw a piece of dirty dental floss left in the bathroom sink of the BBB 23. The brother didn’t send a message and scolded his colleague from the Fourth Desert Ricardo Camargo after questioning him if he had seen who would have been responsible for the lack of hygiene.

“Guys… just take two steps towards the dump”, Shoe Face complained and the biodoctor calmly replied: It’s good, bro”. The fighter replied “It’s not good, no! I’m telling you the real thing”. “Okay, you won’t see that here anymore”, guaranteed Ricardo.

shoe face he didn’t stop complaining and said that he always has to throw other people’s dental floss in the trash: “I’ve already thrown about 50 dental floss that were on top of the counter”, he fired. “And you think they’re all mine?”, asked the biodoctor. “No, but someone could have been”, replied the athlete from Paraíba.

Soon after, the brother realized that it was a joke and questioned the confinement colleagues: “Did you do it as a joke? The floss thing? Did you put it on top of the faucet?”, he questioned. “It was to provoke you,” he confirmed. Paula. MC guime told about the “prank”. “Tomorrow you would see that we were going to play several. But [o fio dental] It’s clean, you know? We agreed”, said the singer who still tried to calm Cara de Sapato, who even considered changing rooms after the discussion with some brothers and sisters.

He even discussed it with Amanda Meirelles. “Do you get the message now? It was the floss prank. You could have said it was a review.” The doctor tried to explain, but the fighter keeps arguing until fred got involved: “So, I just don’t accept you weighing on Amadinha’s. You’re weighing on Amandinha’s. She asked us not to do the thing and that’s it. If you want to weigh it, it weighs on mine, on Amandinha’s, no. I don’t I’m not seeing any fights, but I think you are being totally disproportionate with her”, he said.

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