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THE influencer fred have entertained the viewers of the BBB 23 with the scares he gets every time he rings Big Boss’s bell. In the program, it is common for the production to emit the sound of the bell or a voice to give messages to the participants.

On social networks, Internet users shared a video with five funny moments of the brother being scared by the Big Boss. He shows up at the gym, relaxing by the pool, talking on the porch of the house and even in the pantry getting scared.

“Fred being scared by the Big Boss is absolutely everything,” tweeted the netizen @thatswhatlasaid, who shared the video of his brother. “Fred getting scared by the attention [do Big Boss]”, he wrote @arlecomentah in the caption of another video of the brother in the pool.

Some netizens also came to Fred’s defense to prove he’s not faking it and posted videos of him getting scared outside the house. “For those who think that Fred is faking a scare like that other participant from the past BBB, here’s an example of him getting scared outside the BBB”, he wrote @thatswhatlasaid in the caption of a video of Fred commenting on a game.

the twitter user @thamyresffc shared another video of the influencer arriving at a birthday party and being startled by a child popping a confetti launcher. “Fred getting scared at the beginning of the video, very good.”

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