Although the flames in the fire have subsided between Camila Homs and Rodrigo de Paul, Versions of an impossible truce continue to circulate. Through their Instagram storiesYanina Latorre assured that Homs He does not accept his separation from 7 of the selection.

In a few weeks Camila I should travel to Europe so that Rodrigo dePaul reunites with their children, after several months without sharing quality days. In a round of questions, Yanina Latorre spoke again about the troubled relationship and blamed it on Camila for the bad terms in which they ended. “What’s wrong with Camila Homs?” Was the question of a user. “I suppose it must be very hard to stop loving you. I think he still doesn’t accept it“, replied the little angel of THE M.

Yanina Latorre and Cami Homs
Yanina Latorre’s response to Camila Homs

camila homs He had a trip to Europe scheduled for March, but without much explanation he decided to bring it forward. Given the unexpected news, it seems that Tini Stoessel He will return to Argentina in the first days of February so as not to cross paths with the model. “The date of passage that triple T has for her return to the country is February 9, but, obviously, she can change it. I told you that the ex of Rodrigo He decided to bring forward the trip he had planned in March,” he explained. Juan Etchegoyén.

According to this statement, it could be a problem in the coexistence between Tini Stoessel Y Rodrigo dePaulsince the 7th of the Selection warned camila homs that he must travel to Europe every 45 days to meet the little ones, otherwise, he would not pay the established fee. Without further accusations from anywhere, it seems that the soccer player and the model decided to put cold cloths on their relationship.

Camila Homs and Charly Benvenuto are separated

In the midst of conflicts with Rodrigo de Paul, Camila Homs I was dating Charlie Benvenuto, a courtship that could not prosper. The sad news was confirmed by Juan Etchegoyen in Miter Live. “What sources close to Camila’s family tell me is that Lately they were not connecting as usual, they were in different times and they decided to distance themselves for the moment”, explained the journalist.


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