It’s official ! After several weeks of suspense, viewers of W9 will soon be able to discover the 6ᵉ season of Apprentice Adventurers ! The first episodes presented by Laurent Maistret will be unveiled on February 13. Once again, the pairs will have to surpass themselves to go further in the adventure. They will have to ignore their hunger or even lack of comfort.

And this year big novelty: there will be two beaches and the ten teams will be separated in two. During the big reunification, the candidates still in the running may have a little surprise… While waiting on the Web, Internet users have been able to discover the duos! Hilona will be there with her companion Paul André. But also Antonin and Barbara. Without forgetting Amélie Neten and her BFF Romain.

Impossible to ignore Maxine and Valériya, Romane and Antony Matéo. But also Aya and Nicolas, with Jennyfer and Fabrice. Of course, Jessica Errero and Fanny Salvat, Charlotte Mint and her brother Stefan were also present. In the same way as Nicola and Victoria… Besides, these two have been at war on the networks since their breakup! And this Tuesday, January 24, 2023, Bastos’ ex-girlfriend expressed her anger over the program’s new poster and it’s worth the detour.

“Everytime it’s the same !”

“Already having to post a photo with my ex for the promotion of the program, I don’t like the moment but hey I say to myself ‘come on vivi that’s the job’! But choose the only photo where I squint? ! W9 please every time, it’s the same! I lost my self-confidence and my dignity, but I’m going to lose my job. So all this to tell you that from Monday, February 23 at 6:50 p.m. you can see me in this state fighting for my life! »was indignant the young woman.

In just a few hours, her post garnered thousands of likes. “Why does Nicolo continue to do this show when he loses all his girls? ! », asked Agathe Auproux in the comments thread. Other netizens added: “Already in the 50s they didn’t respect you, but now they’re abusing! It’s brave to have shared it”, “You don’t deserve Nicolo”, “They abuse it, a little sunburn touch-up doesn’t take long”, “I feel we’re going to have a good laugh”. Answer in a few weeks…


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