A small turn and then goes away. Long wanted by Cyril Hanouna on his show, Véronique Genest finally accepted his invitation on January 9th. A first that will long be remembered by the actress, the host, as well as the columnists. In particular Matthieu Delormeau who has always admitted not wearing the interpreter of Julie Lescaut in his heart. This was also felt around the table with many spats between the two. So much so that the columnist has turned his back throughout the daily life of his neighbor.

If some appreciate Véronique Genest and would have liked to see her again on TPMP, we will have to be patient… Indeed, since her arrival, the 66-year-old actress has still not set foot on the set of the daily. On the other hand, she did not fail to give her opinion on her premiere in the program with our colleagues from South Info. And to believe her words, she does not keep a very good memory of her passage…

Véronique Genest and her strong opinion on “TPMP”

“They had been calling me for a while. I ended up saying ‘Come on, why not?’, because I found it interesting to be able to talk about a lot of things and it was a funny platform”rejoiced at first Véronique Genest before completely changing the speech: “But in the end, it’s not funny at all”.

Indeed, the actress claims to have been “attack” throughout the show because there are “three on set who can’t kill you, you don’t even know why”. “And moreover under absolutely false pretexts”, she later assured. And when our colleagues ask her if she knew what she was expecting when she went to the set, Véronique Genest assures her, no one had warned her: “No, they told me: ‘It’s going to be good-natured, very friendly. You’ll see, it’s going to be funny.’ Result: I am called homophobic, which I am not. Not sure she’ll be back to see the band anytime soon…

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