For decades, court decisions and laws related to pedocrime have been singled out. A laxity that generates new phenomena: more and more ordinary citizens decide to play vigilantes and investigators and start tracking down pedophiles themselves.
This is particularly the case of Neila Moore, cleaning lady by day and tracker of cranks by night. This young woman who founded “Team Moore”, a group of volunteer citizens who create fake accounts on social networks and pretend to be minors in order to track down and trap pedophiles who act on the web with complete impunity. This Wednesday, January 25, 2023, Neila Moore was present on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste” to explain her approach.

“We classify them into two distinct categories”
“Most are men from 18 to 85 years old. They are classified into two distinct categories. There are what I call perverts, these are those who will explicitly talk about sexuality, make sexual proposals, show photos of their penis erect, masturbating behind the screen. And there are the fake guardian angels, they will be in the manipulation, it will take weeks and months but they want naked photos of the child, they will send pornographic or zoophilic videos”.

And if the fight of Neila and the collective is commendable, justice and the government are unfortunately trying to curb their actions: “The police chiefs said that we were outlaws, that our elements were inadmissible, but that had been the case, we would not have allowed so many convictions…” declared the young woman live on C8.
Neila Moore then explained why pedophiles are getting younger and younger: “It’s linked to the porn generation, adults fall into pornography earlier and earlier. We have a lot of pedophiles who contact us who are under 25 and who are already addicted to child pornography”.


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