In the midst of a possible reconciliation between Wanda Nara Y Mauro Icardi, Jordi Martina Spanish journalist, affirmed that the sister of Zaira Nara he was unfaithful to Icardi with a teammate after he Mauro cheated on her with the Chinese Suarez.

During an interview with Intruders, jordi martin dropped the bomb and told that the adventure of Wanda caused a fierce fight with Mauro icardi. “Last night there was a tremendous argument between Mauro Icardi Y Wanda Naraaccording to what his direct environment told me, she ran away to Dubai with a soccer player, Icardi’s ex-partner”, started counting Jordi Martin.

Is about Keita Baldé, a 27-year-old footballer who has been married for 8 months and had been a partner of Mauro Icardi in the European league. The businesswoman and the Senegalese player escaped to Dubai where they had a fleeting romance. “They tell me that this player has been married for eight months, Shortly after getting married, he met Wanda and there was a crush between them. Keita Baldé traveled to Dubai with his team to play some games and she ran away to see him,” the journalist continued.

Mauro Icardi and Keita Baldé
Mauro Icardi and Keita Baldé when they were partners

without coming out of amazement, flower of the V listened carefully as jordi martin told how he found out icardi of infidelity. icardi He decided to review the bank movements and that is how he found out that they were being unfaithful to him. Apparently, Mauro I had already found Wanda with suspicious behavior towards his ex-partner.

They are staying together in a hotel. What they tell me is that Wanda Y Mauro they were reconciling, she even came to think of going back to Istanbul with Icardi and this has been a stab for himhe finished Jordi Martin.

Why were reconciliation rumors aroused?

days before jordi martin dropped this bomb, the businesswoman’s followers began to connect the dots and realized that Wanda and Mauro They were together in Dubai because of an Instagram post. “What did you go to Dubai for?” his followers asked him. “It’s the same cap that Icardi wears, of course everyone has one,” replied a user. However, with the controversial breaking news it seems that there will be no such reconciliation and Wanda must give explanations.


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