Highlight products that it has never promoted? Very little for Karine Le Marchand. Indeed, if the facilitator sometimes makes product placements, she never advertises for objects that have no effect or diets that do not work. This is why, when using its name for the Keto diet and the “new business” of Stéphane Plaza’s sidekick who “helps millions of French people to lose weight”she sees red.

Because yes, it is indeed a scam … And in the event that Internet users have seen the ad in question, Karine Le Marchand wanted to warn her community. The one that accompanies farmers, each season in Love is in the meadow to find the chosen one of their heart, indeed relayed a screenshot of an article quoting Le Figaro this Tuesday, January 24. The article in question highlights a company allegedly “launched” the host ofM6 which aims “to help millions of French people lose weight and be healthy after the pandemic”.

Karine Le Marchand does not sell diets

Worse still, the article assures that the sidekick of Stéphane Plaza would have granted an interview in which she would praise the Keto diet without which she “wouldn’t be in such good shape”. Of course, all these statements are false and Karine Le Marchand did not fail to assure her when she warned her followers. “It’s a scam, don’t buy this!”she asked in a first screenshot published in her story.

Before adding in a second: “It’s shit, I’m not selling anything!”. Unfortunately, Karine Le Marchand, who was recently voted favorite host of the French, is not the only one in this situation. When it is not a diet, some personalities see their image used to fool Internet users and make them believe that it is possible to win an iPhone or a PC by participating in a contest that does not exist. If these scams are now more easily identifiable, this does not prevent the fact that Internet users are still being fooled by these practices…

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