After Catherine Nay, Georges Beller, or even Stone from the 70s group Stone and Charden, this Wednesday January 25, 2023, it was Bernard le Coq’s turn to answer questions from Jordan de luxe. Invited on the set of his show “Chez Jordan” now broadcast on the C8 channel, the one who became famous by interpreting Serge Korber in the fiction “Les feus de la Chandeleur” confided in the journalist without filter.

Indeed, the star of “a wonderful family” did not hesitate to evoke his personal life by making it known that he had become a father a few years ago: “I adopted three years ago now. I was quite proud because I was like, ‘I just brought a child. So everyone would pass that he was an underage child and then I would say ‘I’ll pick him up from school and do his homework’. He was 5 years old.” indicated the filled dad. A great victory over his sterility.

His addiction to cigarettes

Bernard le Coq also addressed a much less happy subject… Indeed, the actor confided in his addiction to nicotine which has already pushed him to smoke several packs a day in just one day. “The cigarette, I bombed seriously. It was three packs a day! Do not laugh with that, a while ago I saturated, I was coughing, it stank in the house, “ did he declare.

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