Last week Charlotte Caniggia dropped out of competition “The Hotel of the Famous 2” and the reasons were the difficulties he had in being able to fulfill the duties of being a staff on two occasions and living with strangers. It is then that the production of the reality show led by pampita and the chinese leunis got him a replacement.

The new reality show participant is nothing more and nothing less than Flower Ventura, who entered the hotel this afternoon and already became one more guest. Her admission surprised everyone and she was received with much happiness and love. The one that she was surprised, was the same Flor Ventura, who upon learning that she is a replacement for Alex Caniggia’s twin He expressed: “I was really sad in the sense that Charlotte is a character that I like barbaric. I would have liked to share a little with her here inside The Hotel. They don’t want to tell me much.”

flower venture

New member in the most controversial hotel in the country

The entrance of the model to the hotel brought everyone’s surprise. “I know Flor, we saw each other a couple of times. I like her very much, nice, divine, very pretty,” she said. Fede Baron. We’re not super friends but if we follow each other on Instagram, He answers stories, I answer him,” added the former Big Brother Marian Farjat.

The model and host entered the hotel with all the energy and desire to win the competitions: “I’m ready to play, I’m ready to give it my all. Honestly, I was a bit dizzy because of what the welcome with which the boys received me would be. The truth is that both the boys and the girls went against the good vibes.”

flower venture
Flor Ventura and her entrance to the Hotel of the famous

Finally, he added: “If I can choose where to sleep, I prefer to sleep inside the Hotel. They don’t want to tell me much, there’s Carrillo, when I ask about Carrillo, they don’t want to tell me much. So there are some things that I don’t understand, but I’ll understand.”


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