The alleged amounts that Coti Romero, former player of Big Brother, Ask to advertise and redeem on your Instagram account. Users did not take long to echo the prices and endless speculations appeared.

How much Coti Romero from Big Brother charges for a trade

A few hours ago a tweet from therealbuni In which you can see how much the Corrientes asks for each advertisement on their social networks. The young woman would charge 50 thousand pesos (more than 130 dollars if the price of the blue dollar is taken) for uploading a brand story.

The tiny green microbikini with which Coti Romero set a trend
Coti Romero from Big Brother making trades

Due to this viral tweet, the rumor spread that Coti would have a budget of 200,000 pesos for each fixed post -whether a photo or video- that he uploads to his Instagram promoting a brand. Plus, brands must ship the products to you, and that quote doesn’t include giveaways.

The exorbitant amount that Coti Romero from Big Brother charges for exchanging on his social networks
Tweet about the exchanges of Coti Romero and Thiago Medina

While some users criticized the amounts, others defended it. “Coti is perfect, he wants to make the most of this moment, and if he doesn’t continue in the media later, at least he made money,” launched a user.

The heart-stopping look of Coti Romero in a microbikini
Coti Romero doing swaps.

In the same tweet it can be seen that Thiago Medina, the young man from González Catán, charges only 1,000 pesos for a story and 1,500 for an exchange.

There is no doubt that Coti Romero from Big Brother he is making a “company” of his name and it seems that he has business for a while. Very smart.

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