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What does it depend on BBB 23, there will be no shortage of entertainment at the next two parties scheduled to take place in reality. Participants will be able to enjoy from robot horse to skank, who will play one of the last concerts of his career inside the most guarded house in the country. Below, see details of what Globo is preparing for the upcoming parties.

The revelry scheduled for this Wednesday (25) will respect the requests and personal tastes of the two leaders: the actress Bruna Griphao and the physical education teacher Larissa Santos. The decoration will be a mixture of the universe of the two.

The public will be able to follow a decoration focused on old soap operas, something that has always been very marked in Bruna’s trajectory. A mechanical horse and a screen with a path to be followed will be one of the attractions, as if it were an action scene.

Larissa will be contemplated with a funk dance, something she usually attends in Santa Catarina, where she lives. She will still be entitled to exclusive recordings of fun moments with friends at the party. Images will be recorded by dummies in real time.

Next Friday (27), it will be Skank’s turn to play at the BBB. This will be one of the last shows of the tour that celebrates the band’s 30th anniversary. The last presentation will be in March at the Mineirão stadium (MG).

The year 2023 represents the group’s third appearance on reality. They had already participated in the second and ninth editions. But now it will be more special. Interestingly, both times, Samuel Rosa presented new songs that would later become nationally known. In 2022, he showed an excerpt from “Vou Leave”, and in 2009, “Sutly”.

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