The overwhelming testimonies were linked this Wednesday, January 25, 2023 on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”. Following, Cyril Hanouna received Neila Moore, an activist from the “Team Noore” collective which traps and tracks pedophiles online by creating fake accounts of minor children on social networks, then Laurent Richier, a former butcher who came to report of the deplorable conditions of the sale of meat in supermarkets.

It was then the turn of Bernard, a man in distress faced with the living conditions of his own mother, placed in an EPHAD. While he pays €3,500 each month for his mother to live peacefully in the establishment, he unfortunately has to face a series of neglect and abuse.

Obligation to use a wheelchair, obligation to wear diapers day and night, mistreatment and meanness, Bernard endeavored to tell the daily life of his mother before bursting into tears: “She has already fallen. That’s why, in addition to the anger, we are worried. It has already happened to her to have sprained her ankle while she is in a wheelchair. Another Once my sister realized that her hair was stuck together with blood because she had a wound on the back of her head. They called my little sister saying that she had fallen but they didn’t take her to the emergency room and promised to watch her… My sister went there and she found my mother in the living room, alone, in front of the TV sleeping…”.

What to make the viewers react greatly: “It’s been months and months that there are cases that come out as horrible as each other and nothing is done”, “So sad in real life there should be more control in these EHPADs and all these staff who mistreat our elders in prison, nothing else”, “This lady, like many other people, suffers, rather than spending their days being well. In her case, I take her out directly”, ” I am the only nurse on duty from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. for 80 residents!!! In the morning there are 4 or 5 caregivers, in the afternoon 3 or 4 and at night 2 caregivers and no nurse”, “It’s unfortunate but our country is really going out of date at all levels and we don’t have a government at all with confidence”, “In the meantime, they are filling their pockets and killing people by infecting them with bacteria”, the state, they do nothing. Marlène Schiappa she came to say the same thing more than a year ago…” can we for example read among the reactions.


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