Shakira This is our social networks and music stops after launching the music Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53, where he ironizes the betrayals of the ex-husband, Gerard Piqué. But he was not awarded a music award of the year than to the singer ganhou, without a mural at the Associação de Cornos de Soledad (Asocasol).

or daily Time affirms that the singer had a design on the “wall of two Colombian horns”, located in the region of Barranquilla, in Colombia.


The design was completed on the last Sunday (22/1), and the homage places the singer as an “illustrious member of the community”. The illustration still has excerpts from Shakira’s new music.

The president of Asocasol, Wilson “Pella” San Martíns, affirms that a wall of two horns arose when a group of friends gathered during the carnival to celebrate and a betrayal occurred:

“Once, a woman was unfaithful to a two 246 partners that we have now. He told a partner about it, things were discreet, calm. The companheira saw and told what had happened as a man. ‘We are going to place in a mural’ and give it a chorus. From that day on, the Soledad Cornos Association was formed.”

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