Graciela Alfano told in recent days, and where she gave an interview to different media, how she managed to overcome a difficult health situation after undergoing two kidney surgeries, of which she lost one due to the appearance of tumors. Although her health was news and concern for everyone, what did not go unnoticed was her reconciliation with her ex, the father of her two children. Francisco Y Gonzalo, nothing more and nothing less than her ex-husband Enrique Capozzolo.

In a note she had for “We in the Morning”, the diva said: “The word ‘boyfriend’ is no longer used, unless you are 15 years old. I can only say that, generally speaking, there are two trends today. One is to marry yourself, which is what I’m proposing all the time. And the other is to hang out with the ex ”.

Graciela Alfano said that she overcame an illness and bets on love with her ex again
Graciela Alfano and Enrique Copozzolo

chonguear with the ex is fantastic, the best there is. One changes partners, but is always with the same model. Nevertheless, when you return to a person from the past you meet a different being. The relationship is different because you already had children, grandchildren, other relationships”, Graciela Alfano had added, but unfortunately the reconciliation was short-lived.

It didn’t last long

Journalist Pampito Parello Ancear, who is a panelist on the Intruders program, hosted by flower of the V, He already had the information that the reconciliation between Alfano and Copozzolo had ended, and without turning around he decided to ask him the question: “What happened with Quique? You told it and he punctured your balloon?

To which the diva did not refuse to respond and confirmed said separation: “Yes. Today I received a message that said: ‘I prefer to finish, because I have a low profile…’. But what low profile? You were the husband of Graciela Alfano. Then he tells me: ‘I’m breaking up.’ I already know the situation, chocolate for the news. And then he adds: ‘And I’m meeting someone’”, Alfano said, leaving the entire table of Intruders surprised.

Grace Alfano
The diva, Icon Alfano

Wanting to add some humor to it, he said, “Another one that Shakira Y Miley Cyrus. I buy myself flowers, I tell myself that I love myself… All the songs came to my head.”. Then she added: “I didn’t know that he was dating someone, because otherwise, the truth is, I don’t feel like it: I’m Sorora, he wouldn’t have kicked anyone’s ranch”

Graciela Alfano underwent surgery for an unexpected health problem
Graciela Alfano, splendid at 69 years old

Before ending with this news that turned out to be a bomb, he said: “I cheat on the other with me. And what have I been? Because I don’t understand where I’m standing. So it was over the moment he told me I’m meeting someone. That’s it. I felt humiliated, I felt offended.”


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