like every wednesday Prognostics for Public Assistance held the draw Tris Medio Día and here are the winning results of the prize 29993 of this January 25.

Take good care of your ticket, it is very valuable because it is the official voucher to collect the prize in case you are a winner, keep it in a safe place and try not to spoil it.

Remember that you have up to 60 calendar days, counted from the day after the publication of the corresponding contest, to collect your money. Once said period expires, the right to collect the prize will have expired and its final destination will be the Treasury of the Federation for the benefit of Public Assistance.

All prizes are given in national currency and in the terms established on the back of the ticket as well as the rules of the draw or in question. Forecasts For Public Assistance will withhold the tax in accordance with the provisions of article 163 of the Income Tax Law.

The winning combination of draw 29993 of Tris Medio Día is: 69808.

If you want watch live draws of each of the prizes carried out by Pronósticos de la lotería mexicana, enter this link.

From Monday to Sunday, five times a day, the winners of the Tris raffle are announced depending on your modality.

The modalities are: sad noonwhich takes place at 1:00 p.m.; the tris of threewhich is done at 3:00 p.m.; extra tris which takes place at 5:00 p.m.; the tris of seven which he performs at 7:00 p.m.; Y the Classic Triswhich is at 9:00 p.m.

if you want to know the detailed list of raffle prizes sad enter here, where you can check the number of winners and the amounts delivered. While in this linkyou will find all historic raffle winners.


people can play Tris paying from one peso with the possibility of winning up to 50 thousand pesos and thanks to its various modalities, the opportunity to get more money can increase up to the 5 million pesos depending on the numbers played and how it is played.

To choose the winning combination, Tris’s urns pick five random numbers between 0 and 9 to form a five-digit number.

The winners are obtained from the different modalities that the Tris has. The first and most common are “Direct”which in turn has three options: Direct of 3, Direct of 4 and Direct of 5.

In the direct of 3 you have to play with three digits from 0 to 9 in the order you want, for every peso you bet you have the possibility of winning 500 pesosThat is, if you play 5 pesos you could win 2,500 pesos.

In the direct of 4 The same thing happens, but with four numbers from 0 to 9 and the bet goes up to 5 thousand pesos for each peso betwhich means that if you put 5 pesos in it, you could get up to 25 thousand pesos.

With the same logic it is straight out of 5you choose five numbers and for each peso wagered you can win 100 thousand pesos. If you bet 10 pesos, the prize could reach up to half a million pesos.

Another modality is “Super Padlocks” that allows Direct 4 or Direct 3 bets to participate in all the combinations that can be made with the chosen numbers, depending on the alternative, it has an extra cost from 3 pesos to 24 pesos.

with modality “Super Pair”the system will give you an extra five-digit number to your bet and below each one will come an amount, if one or more of these numbers match the winning combination, you get the number that comes below these.

In the same way you can win with the final and initial digits of your bet.

First is the “Initial Pair and Final Pair” , in the first you play to hit the first two numbers of your bet and in the second to the last two, in this modality you have the possibility of winning 50 pesos for each peso bet. Then he “Initial and Final”, in which you bet to hit the final or initial number of your bet, respectively, for each peso you can win five pesos.

Finally and to increase the chances of winning are the “Combo” which are made up of various Tris bets, with the same five numbers you chose. If your number and the winning combination match in any of the chosen modalities, you will be the winner.

You can play Tris by filling out a flyer, which contains three boxes: A, B and C, marking them from left to right and bets in any of the modalities either with pencil, blue or black ink.

Another way to play is by telling the Forecasting agent the numbers you want to play with, he will enter them into the system without using the wheel, you just have to indicate how many bets you will buy, the date of the draw you want to participate in and the modality.

You can also write the numbers down on a piece of paper and give them to the seller for manual entry.

You can even ask the seller for a Trismático, in which everything will be left to chance and the system will choose a combination of numbers at random for each bet you want to place. You only have to indicate how many numbers you want to play, how much you want to invest and the date of the draw.

The National Lottery for Public Assistance is a decentralized institute of the Federal Public Administration that is in charge of holding raffles with cash prizes..

The resources are destined to public assistancethat is, to capture money for the federal government and that is redirected to procure equality for those Mexicans, the possibility of satisfying their urgent needs by themselves.

The National Lottery has legal personality and its own assets, because it does not receive budgetary resources from the Federal Government, it is self-financing with the profits from the draws it carries out.

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