or narrator Galvão Good He announced, in this terça-feira (24/1), that his mother, Mildred dos Santos, died at 93 years of age. The veteran was admitted to the Evangelical Hospital of Londrina, in the interior of Paraná, where she received palliative care.

In note sent to the site TV newsThe narrator affirmed that Mildred, a television actress in the 1950s, “partiu serene”. Galvão and the family were at the side of the matriarch at the time of departure.

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“Today according to 5h30 and Dona Mildred, my mother, was starting to leave us, 12 days before completing 94 years! Without suffering, with all the palliative care that has been lovingly applied at the ICU of the Hospital Evangélico in Londrina. She left serene, after a great and complete life here in our world”, says Bueno.

Mildred’s wake takes place at this fifth fair (1/26), at Parque das Alamandas, in Londrina, starting at 10am. The burial, for its time, will be at 5:00 p.m., in a ceremony only for friends and family.

“God will receive her with much love and in the light of her she will always shine brightly”, concluded the narrator.

Trajectory of the mother of Galvão Bueno

Mildred dos Santos was a famous actress at the beginning of TV Tupi, between 1951 and 1958. She has the last name of Pequetita for counting two different beijos that she gave in the soap operas that she performed.

She abandoned her career as an actress in the late 1950s, to dedicate herself to her son. Galvão Bueno is the result of Mildred’s relationship with television director Aldo Viana.

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