It would be MC Créu o novo Naldo Benny? The funkeiro, sucesso pela música Dança do Créu, virou piada na web after affirming that it would have been recognized by no one less than michael jackson No camarim from a show in California, in the United States.

In an interview with the Barbacast podcast, Créu claimed that Michael Jackson used his name. It is worth mentioning that the pop star died in June 2009, while the first successful music of funkeiro, Dança do Créu, was released in 2008.

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“I was to do a show in California once, that’s how I said the bus, I was there and another star too. When he said, he beat head-on as the camarim gave him. Aí eu desci, olhei, ele me olhou también e falou: ‘Créu?’. Aí eu: ‘Michael?’. He hugged me. The person does not accredit, for that reason I did not want to tell ”, he affirmed.

The video of the declaration of Créu logo circulates on social networks, and Internet users are buzzing with funkeiro, stating that he is trying to imitate Naldo Benny. Or Moranguinho’s husband He has said a few times that he was recognized by successes such as Will Smith, Chris Brown and LeBron James.

“I saw the video of Créu’s dance some 5,000 times in my childhood and I would not recognize MC Créu to save my life,” said an Internet user. “The MC Créu is not superior to Naldo in a lie because he was inspired by it”, added another.

“True! Naldo Benny was like Michael Jackson in an hour!”, affirmed a third party. “I wanted to have McCréu’s self-esteem…”, he said more um.

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